It rhymes

Ma mai apuca micul geniu creator si m-am decis sa trec pe „foaie” aceste apucaturi… nu o sa le comentez, credeti ce vreti, e doar o alta nevoie a mea.

O rugaminte voi avea totusi… sunt, sa zicem, „proprietatea mea intelectuala”, deci daca va place si vreti sa folositi macar sa ma anuntati sau sa spuneti ca sunt scrise de mine.



Hello, what’s your name?
Yes, for you i came.
all this way
just to hear what you’ll say.
Don’t be shy my dear
just holding you near.
true, i said a lie.
but only so i could try,
close your eyes, and this…
will be your first kiss
I don’t need anything
or anyone else…



cause when our lips meet
i can’t stand the heat
it feels so right
wanna hold you tight
next to you all night
don’t try to fight
the feeling is too strong
together all night long
wake up next to you
all the things you do
make you be my one
even if i’m gone
i know you’ll be there
cause you’ll always care
always say what matters
those 3 words, those 8 letters



even if, sorrounded by dark;
i’m looking for a spark
little bit of light
wanna make this right.
wanna start a fire
to feed your desire
late, but finally i came
brought with me this flame
don’t care if i get burned
i know, i’ve been warned
this is what i want
there is no doubt

Sweet november

woke up this morning
the one i called darling
sent me this letter
„now i feel better”
what ? what is this ?
what did i miss ?
all of it… forgotten ?
left, on the bottom
so dark, so cold
everything i told
she doesn’t remember
the days of november…
i’ll keep them near
… always „my dear”


The word

i see light
think i might
do just this
steal you a kiss
close your eyes
feel the butterflyes
let them out
as i thought
you are so…
i just don’t know
the word ?
simply absurd
no need for it
shhh, just feel it


Beauty Queen

come queen of darkness
tell me your sadness.
i want to know why,
you sit on the side and cry.
is there no one for you ?
to make „one”, out of two ?
come on… don’t look down.
here, pick up your crown.
the sun will shine,
i promise, tonight we dine
i’ll be your friend
next to you, ‘till the end…



in this dream
i cannot scream.
i feel you near,
but you cannot hear.
i see your eyes,
no need to disguise.
i know the real you,
all i want to…
is to reach out;
everything i fought
mustn’t be in vane
one kiss, in the rain


My story

they say supergirls don’t cry
they just turn round and fly.
is she afraid,
of what i just said ?
i opened my soul,
but she just made a hole
i’ve made her some space
but now it’s an empty place.
this is my story
filled with „pride and glory”…



staring on the side
shhh! trying to hide.
don’t want her to see me
one glance and she’ll kill me.
she needs no one
she is so strong
she takes care of her
never looked for a lover.
always walks around with pride
they say she never cried;
but i know better,
i have this letter
from her heart,
it says: „hate to be apart…”

  1. Alexandra
    28 mai, 2009 la 3:02 pm

    afraid : x

    • CH
      28 mai, 2009 la 4:13 pm

      da da da … are si un model in realitate 😛

  2. 28 mai, 2009 la 5:57 pm

    acum vrei si reclama >:P

    • CH
      28 mai, 2009 la 9:03 pm

      nu… se numeste „drepturi de autor” 😛
      dar da… merge bine si o reclama 😛

  3. 29 mai, 2009 la 6:14 pm

    Sunt chiar OK poeziile
    La mai multe 😉

    • CH
      30 mai, 2009 la 1:43 am

      mersi mersi.. ma bate gandul sa fac si o varianta in romana… dar ma mai gandesc, defapt cand ma mai apuca „geniul creator”

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