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What if you were to be drifted in a place you do not know nor recognize? What if the burden of solitude was so great that you would feel lost in your own jacket? How is it that you have arrived here ? Was it an accident? A moment of misfortune perhaps? Or was it the ill witted Fate ?

Who is it to blame? Could have happened to anybody, but alas, it happened to you. Oh damn this Poe fellow and his dark and twisted ideas! Now what can you do? Should you try to leave ? But where to ? This road? Or maybe this one ? Should you try the next exit ? Certainly not that alee there, looks dangerous, poor lighting and all… One must stay focused, and careful, all this silence is of bad taste. Can almost hear your damn heart, though not in a racing step but somewhere close to that.

So you start to wander around the streets, just stick on the road and avoid getting into trouble. Although it’s kinda’ hard given that you know nothing of this place. Just like in one of those bad horror stories… only this one can’t even keep you focused on the action. Where is the action anyway? You actually start to think that there is nothing out here. Where is that sudden change of pace with the hero(yes, that’s you) getting chased by some evil  and corrupt, sick twisted. . .  ok a bit carried away; chased by some spooky guy who’s shouting random things; as if he has Tourette syndrome. That’s a bit scary, you have to admit.

Anyway so you go on and look left and right, but how on earth did you get here? Did you fell asleep on the late night bus? Ok, but were is the bus ? Should you go back? Impossible, look back down the road, that . . . doesn’t really seem safe. So one can only go forward. Well, toughen up and go. How hard can it be ? Just keep on the right track; which by the way, which one is the right track ? Some signs here an there but never heard of these streets; some have interesting names like this one here: K. Amadeva. Wasn’t this a band from California ? hmmm, Oh, here’s another one: Cai Shen Street, haha Jackie Chan action now ? Whatever, the list can go on, it’s like this huge intersection with streets going everywhere. You gotta’ make a choice, after all how much can you just sit and wait ?

Ohhh, so on the Amadeva road ! Nice choice, or at least you hope. The street seems nice, clean and safe, mind your honesty isn’t this why you took it ? Oh, a Ladybug, how sweet. Well, at least you are not alone; (don’t count me, I’m just your conciousness). Look at it, so tiny, so innocent, so cute. How can something so small, have no fear? Or wait. . . does it even realize where it is ? Doesn’t it bother her? Damn it, am I putting to many questions ?

Sorry, lost it a bit. Now, where were we? Ahhh yes, the ladybug. The poor little thing, take it with you, at least you’ll feel safe. Put her on your shoulder, there you go, you two look nice together. Promise you will always take care of her!


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