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29 Iulie, 2014 Lasă un comentariu

I dreamed a dream of sorrow pain
I dreamed a dream of silver rain
Of flight and fright, a story to tell
Of might and knight, of fame as well

I dreamed a dream of lustful love,
I dreamed a dream of darkened dove
Of beak and claw, a crow to fly
Of peek and maw, of reddish sky

I dreamed a dream of heartsin fear
I dreamed a dream of all things dear
Of greed and poor, a battle starts
Of need and more, of broken hearts

I dreamed a dream of cheerful joy
I dreamed a dream of childish boy
Of eyes and touch, a gentle kiss
Of lies and such, of broken bliss

I dreamed a dream, I’ll never tell
I dreamed a dream, I’ll never spell
Of rage and chasm, a lonely task
Of sad and true, of perfect mask.


O regina

14 Iulie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

De pe tinuturi departate
Ti-am sosit in brate
Regina de drept nascuta
Nu s-a opus nici soarele, nici luna

Slujita de muritori si zei
Eu, un alt banal, pe langa ei
Sta undeva sus si ne conduce
Regina tuturor, e nescrisa lege

Poporul o venereaza,e o zeita
Desi umila, o simpla fiinta
Fara magii, vraji sau puteri
Copila, cu frica si temeri.

Suntem prinsi in ochii ei
In inocenta copilariei
Pictati de stele trecatoare
Cu inimile ratacitoare

A dream

14 Iulie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

In sleep I heard her sing
Sadly, can’t remember anything
Who, or what she said to me
Couldn’t see, but certain beauty

Her voice said my name
In a mirrage of fame
Of when I was a King
And she was my Queen.

I. . . I think I know,
Wings like those of a crow,
A face of innocence
A most chilling presence:

„Follow me into the night
Wander through the dark light
Shivers across your spine
Fear the nothingness, divine”


22 Iunie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

Trecur-au ani si iar si iar
Fara ea, sec si amar amar
Ma-ntorc la a mea, umil umil
Usor, incet, tiptil tiptil.

Pierdut-am veri si veri
Fara ea, ce sa ceri, ce sa ceri?
Ma uit la a mea, in gol, e gol
Ochii plang, plini cu dor, de dor.

Fost-au reci zile si zile
Fara ea, langa mine, mine
Cu a mea aici, singur, singur
Te voi gasi, sigur, sunt sigur

The Lost

15 Aprilie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

A knight, no sword

A book, no words

Dark eyes, no light

So big, no might

Soft touch, bruised skin

An angel, his sin


Deep sleep, a thousand nightmares

Hundred friends, non who cares

Open heart, torn apart

True feelings, killed at the start

A voice, no sound

Lost, never to be found



24 Martie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

I’d like to take you away
While you sleep
Hidden from the light of day
Forever mine to keep.

The kingdom needs her queen
To rule over all.
Like her, none has ever seen
So hear my call

Commoners, peasents and royalties alike
Bow! As her fame
Pierces like the sharpest spike,
The little heart of M.

Old one

12 Februarie, 2013 Lasă un comentariu

Before your feet,

My love, my sweet.

Behold! Your slave bows down.


And in his hands,

From other lands.

Brings you another crown.


For in far climes,

In bygone times,

Myself was royal too.


Oh, I have been,

A King, my Queen.

Who am a slave for you.