Open your eyes, ‘cause another day is dawning.

The Child of the Night; can you hear him crawling ?

Skies open up and an angel starts falling.

Listen to the moon as the wolves are howling


Their eyes are red with passion and in need;

Scouring the deserted forest with such greed

Running like the Lonely Wind’s horses

Dazzling, blinding they clash their forces.


Fear blossoms in the empty valley,

Preparing itself for the grand finale.

Silence, steps upon the land.

Courage, is at no one’s command!


It is his mind they pillage and burn

Dust !  Like the ashes in an urn

It is his heart they torture, in chains

Hope is all that still remains


Crumbled, weak, desolated, try again

One more time, is he insane ?

Every bit of energy, meditate

One last stand, concentrate.


Starting in the mists of the earliest of thoughts

‘till the evening, countless battles will be fought

Angel lights the darkest night and furthermore

Never sleep, never dream, nevermore . . .

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